Repair & Services

Winter Tower Service As a service to our customers we offer for a flat fee of $50 per tower, an overall pivot check during our “off season” months of November, December, January and February. This per tower service includes inspection of each gearbox, grease as needed for gearboxes, a check of the pivot cabling and any needed adjustments, a check of the fluid levels, a check of tire pressures, and a check for any oil leaks in the drive lines. Pivot repair and mileage fees apply. We offer a 10% discount on parts and labor for any repairs that were initially identified during a scheduled Winter Tower Service Call. Installation Crew While many center pivot irrigation sales companies are pleased to sell you a pivot, not all pivot sales companies install the pivots they sell. Kurzweil Irrigation directly employs our own quality installation crew. Isedro Servin, our installation crew foreman has over 25 years experience in installation and service of the T-L brand for Kurzweil Irrigation. Our crew is virtually unmatched in speed and quality of installation of T-L brand center pivots. Pivot Repairs Kurzweil Irrigation is proud to stand behind our installation of T-L brand pivot irrigation systems. Should you find you need a repair, we will gladly schedule your center pivot for service. We strive to work with each customer to provide prompt repairs, taking into consideration the water requirements of the crops under the pivots needing repair. Alfredo Badillo is our Main Service Technician. Trenching As a service to Kurzweil Irrigation customers, we are able to provide trenching for underground pipe and wire as needed at per foot pricing. Contact us for a price quotes.